Darlene Zwolinski, LAc., Dipl. of Oriental Medicine Acupuncturist & Traditional Naturopath NAET Practitioner (720) 507-4956 Acupuncture & Holistic Medicine
Darlene Zwolinski, LAc., Dipl. of Oriental MedicineAcupuncturist & Traditional NaturopathNAET Practitioner (720) 507-4956Acupuncture & Holistic Medicine 

What would your Body have to say?

What is BodyTalk?

BodyTalk is a complete type of healthcare modality that works on an energetic level, addressing issues that can be either of an inner nature, (mind/heart/spirit sourced), or of a physical nature, (pain, organ issue, etc.).


What would BodyTalk do for me?

BodyTalk always works on what we call the "priority" for healing. This may be anything from releasing an event from the past that you are holding in our subconscious mind that affects our life today, or addressing a source of pain in your abdominal area, or looking at the source of stress or identifying a genetic path of a current health issue and repairing DNA patterns. We often are unaware of what our body/mind is dealing with in order to help us obtain good health.


How does the practitioner identify the "priorities" for healing?

When you come for a BodyTalk session, you will comfortably lie on a table, fully clothed with the practitioner at your side. The practitioner will use your arm/hand to energetically test for a "yes/no" response. The "yes/no" is a subtle form of kinesiology, gently feeling for shifts in the muslcle tension in your arm/hand in response to a line of questions.


For example, let's say someone has been dealing with a long term chronic health issue(s) in their lung and heart area. During a BodyTalk session we may discover that there is an underlying emotional link to the physical issue(s) with the lung and heart.  It may go back to a event in childhood where there was a loss experienced, such as the death of a parent, and the person is still carrying the grief/sadness in their chest. With BodyTalk, we can help release the emotions they are holding and allow the body to now heal the physical manifestations of this past emotion.


How does the "release" work? 

Once the link between the emotional event and the health issue(s) in the chest are identified, the practitioner has the person find the areas in their body and mind where they hold onto the emotion of the past event using a visualization sequence, while creating a "ball of the held emotions". The practitioner can then assist in the release of the "ball of emotions" and then do "tapping" to complete the release. The practitioner will first "tap" the top of the head to bring conscious mind to the emotional release and then "tap" the heart area to send this new message to the body/mind that it does not need to carry this grief/sadness any longer.


How long does a session last?

Sessions typically last about an hour.  During the session, the practitioner will continually ask permission to proceed after each "tapped out" set of priorities. Typically the average session addresses from 3-6 issues.


What do people experience during and after a session?

Many people will feel energy shifts or movement during the sessions. Some people do not.  There is no expectationa and no right or wrong here. It may take some time for the body/mind to process the session and the person will notice some time after that something improved or changed for them. For example, someone may discover that they are "stuck" with their current job and do not realize just how much it is affecting their health. Once this is brought to conscious awareness, they may start to take steps to find another job. Others may experience pain leave them during a session. 


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