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Dr. Darlene Zwolinski, L. Ac., DACM Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbalist Traditional Naturopath, NAET Practitioner (720) 507-4956
 Dr. Darlene Zwolinski, L. Ac., DACM Acupuncturist & Chinese HerbalistTraditional Naturopath, NAET Practitioner(720) 507-4956 

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"After developing Perioral Dermatitis, I frantically poured over every article I could find on Google into the wee hours of the night, hoping for a solution and a chance at relief. If anyone has ever encountered this ruthless skin condition or any condition that a doctor considers a "chronic illness", you understand my state of panic and frustration. I tried every possible remedy I could find, including medication, athletes foot cream, and sugar paste (yep, I was that desperate), but none seemed to help. I made an appointment with Darlene, and within a few weeks, I saw incredible results. Not only did she help my skin clear, but she also taught me about my body and the connection between food, allergies, and ailments. Her calm, cool demeanor, and wealth of knowledge changed my outlook and approach, and I'm happy to report, my symptoms have cleared. Since then, she has also treated my seasonal allergies, and I haven't had to take allergy medication once this spring/summer. I can't recommend NAET, as a method, enough, and Darlene as a practitioner. Thank you for changing my life!"


"Darlene's work with curring problems for allergies with NAET, simply put, is amazing! For the better part of my life, I have not been able to get near or touch wool. I found a really nice bed that I fell in love with. There was one slight problem. A percentage of the pillow top on the mattress was made out of wool. Five treatments later, my sensitivity around wool is completely gone. I am now enjoying a great night's sleep with my wool pillow top mattress. Thanks, Darlene!"


"Darlene, you are AMAZING! It has been 2 days since my first appointment with you and I am already feeling better physically. I was blown away by the accuracy of your biofeedback, and have been doing some reading and discovered that my history of Epstein-Barr Virus is likely the cause of my symptoms, the stress to the specific organs you mentioned, and my nutritional deficiencies! All the pieces are coming together and thanks to you I now have HOPE and optimism that I can heal completely, and I can let go of the anxiety and worry!! You are a true healer, a blessing from God, THANK YOU!!!"



"I have struggled with sinus issues since I was a young child. I missed so much school due to chronic sinus infections that the school was considering retention. I took so much amoxicillin that I developed an intolerance for it and it no longer works for me.  After three years I went to an Ear Nose and Throat specialist who prescribed a different medication, which worked. I still got sinus infections and sinus headaches but was not debilitated anymore.  This continued until I got pregnant with my first child. I didn't want to take any drugs so I did anything I could naturally to cope.  For the last ten years, I have had sinus headaches several times a month for most of the year.  The headaches were so bad that I felt sick. Last summer I went to see Darlene for the NAET treatment full of skepticism and hope. As my husband says, "The proof is in the pudding". I have only had one sinus headache in the last 14 months and I haven't needed to take any medication or use any of my natural methods to keep my sinus issues at bay. I am grateful for the improvement in my quality of life. I didn't realize how much my sinus issues affected me until they were gone. 


"I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in May of 2009, I experienced debilitating pain, which caused me to miss lots of time from work. Since my diagnosis, I was on a regimen of a daily dose of Methotrexate, pain killers as needed, and a topical gel. I was told that my condition may get worse or may go into remission and my immune system would possibly be weakened to the point that my body may not be able to fight infections. During this treatment, I was still experiencing debilitating pain and was having issues with bronchitis.  Through the following years my joints seemed to be getting weaker, my kidneys were below 100% and my liver enzymes were on the rise.

My first experience of not having any pain in my joints or the dull ache in the kidney area was shortly after my first appointment with Darlene. The regimen of the herbs she put me on had me feeling much better, virtually pain-free, stress-free, and feeling like I just got my life back. I had suffered for years with the pain and anxiety of having a crippling disease.  I am almost 100% with daily functions because I have energy and can look forward to a bright future again. I can't thank you enough for giving me the ability to live a normal life."



Dave Sullivan Dave Sullivan, Franktown, CO

"I had so many allergies, I had to take allergy medicine all the time. Allergy medicine would make me drowsy and unable to concentrate. Since my NAET allergy treatments, I haven't had to take antihistamines in over a year. The psoriasis rash on my face all but cleared up, where before, my face was scaly and just plain hurt. My excessive sweating and clammy hands went away, too. I never would have thought something this simple and natural would so easily cure all these allergies I have had to deal with my entire life. No more constant rotation of allergy and cold medicine, as they would quit working after a while. I would highly recommend this treatment to any and all people with any type of allergies."

Arlene Arlene - Sedalia, CO

"In 2010 I went to my primary physician as all I did was cough and had diarrhea. After six months of diagnosis, he sent me to National Jewish to have them tend to me. After a year and a half of going to Respiratory, gastrologist, and whatever another doctor they thought might help me, I quit going.  After three colonoscopies, five C scans, 3 MRI's, then took my gall bladder out thinking that might be the problem, plus approximately close to $10,00 out of my pocket I had had enough.  National Jewish phoned my home in January of 2012 and left a message that they needed me to go in for another C scan. I talked with one of my daughters and told her I could not go through all that again. She suggested I go to this Holistic doctor. I figured I had nothing to lose but more money and maybe, just maybe could help me. I made the appointment with Darlene. I did not tell her all I went through at National Jewish. I just put down that I was having problems with my stomach.  Did not tell her that my left side hurt all the time, diarrhea, and gurgling noises also on the left side. She hooked me up to her computer on the right side of me. Could not find any problem there. Hooked me up on the left side of me and asked me what was going on with the left side. I then told her what I had gone thru with the doctors. She did some more testing on me and found 5 things that could be the cause of my problems. I bought 5 vials of different drops that I had to take for 5 weeks. After the second week, I no longer had diarrhea, nor pain, nor coughing. I still finished the drops to complete the 5-week session. I have not had any of the symptoms return  I was so impressed with her that I went back to her to get on her diet program. I lost 25 pounds on her system and have a waitress that works for me, a granddaughter also that works for me, and they both have lost weight healthy.  I can't say enough about what Darlene has done for me!"

Joan Joan LaFon, Franktown, CO

"Thank you so much for all you have done to help me with my seasonal allergies. I am feeling the best I have ever felt and owe it all to Darlene and her natural allergy elimination technique! I have spent thousands of dollars on over ten years worth of allergy shots and still had to use antihistamines to get through the summers. Darlene's treatments really started working for me when I started bringing in plant clippings from my yard that I suspected were bothering me. It is amazing that after just one treatment.  I can honestly say I have no more itchy eyes or throat, no more sneezing or runny nose, no more being tired the next day after being outside all day, and best of all, no more drugs!"

James James, Castle Rock, CO

"My health was in a downward spiral with many sporadic issues with lack of energy, lack of sleep, not eating right, no energy to exercise, fainting, loss of train of thought, and generally feeling bogged down with a few other issues. I spent years going to doctors only to address some symptoms. I actually thought it was aging and I should just get used to it. I was intrigued during my first session with the information Darlene provided, how bad off my organs were. After the first visit with a few herbs to take for a month, all the symptoms are gone or almost gone. I'm feeling great, sleeping, and even exercising again. What was truly amazing was seeing the second body scan results. After 5 weeks, the results showed that most problems with my organs were gone. Problems are just gone! Bad health is gone. I'm sincerely touched by your services and feel indebted to receive direction from you, Darlene, to receive the healing that years of doctors couldn't provide. Sometimes I just wonder at the amazing results and even tear up at the thoughts. It is truly like having my life back. Thank you! You and the services are truly wonderful!"

Pink Flower Joshua's Wife Evergreen,CO

"My husband Josh had horrible allergies and he had the Mono virus for about a year and a half. But when our daughter was a baby my husband was so sick he could not even hold her without feeling as if he was going to faint. It was so bad. And it did not help that he works as a diesel mechanic, which made everything worse for him. We went to a number of doctors and each one made him worse than the last. Injecting him with allergies shots and putting him on long-term medications that made him worse and subsequently developed new problems. We had had enough and went looking for an all-natural way to Darlene who was a Godsend to us. She identified everything that was wrong with Josh, which took over 2 hours. Within 5 weeks he was completely healed. No more allergies... not one! He no longer takes any allergies medication not a single one. He never gets sick anymore or to0 tired to play with our beautiful daughter, Layla. It was a very emotionally healing for us as well for him to not be sick anymore. Josh and I have been together for seven years now and Josh was sick for over four of those years. Darlene gave me my husband back. Now we can be a family again and now he can be a fun daddy with our little girl, which makes Layla very happy. So thank you, Darlene, for everything you have done for my family. And now it's my turn to see you !!!!!"

Cheryl Cheryl, Evergreen, CO

"Darlene's compassionate and informative manner was beyond refreshing. Obviously, she does what she does because she honestly cares about people. She took so much time with me, I felt cared for emotionally as well as physically. After just two weeks with her, everything turned around for me. Darlene is truly a physician/healer in the truest sense, and I highly recommend her services."

Sean Sean, Castle Rock,CO

"I'm profoundly impressed with Darlene's intuitiveness and her ability to quickly and accurately identify what's going on with someone's health. She has helped my wife where other more allopathically-trained doctors were unable to. We would have saved ourselves a lot of suffering, time, and money had we consulted with her sooner. I'm telling everyone I know about her."

Pink Flower BJ, Colorado Springs, CO

"Darlene has been a blessing to my family and me... Darlene tested, identified, and eliminated numerous allergies that I was suffering from. The allergies had caused skin irritations on my face and hands and those are now cleared up, but the funny thing about all of this that I now do not have sinus problems any longer, no more headaches and my hair has stopped falling out - all added benefits I didn't expect. My Daughter and grand-daughter are also now treating with Darlene... and are having great success, too."

Allison Allison, Castle Rock, CO

"I've visited with natural health doctors for over five years and none of them gave me the kind of relief and tackled my health problems better than Darlene. She helped me understand and address some root causes of what has been making me sick. My allergies used to bother me all day long and now I can eat gluten foods at a party or when we go out and I don't get sick. I have so much more freedom in my food choices after Darlene's allergy treatments."


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